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What a generous guy with the probably most fluffiest hair there is! If you have a thing for fanfictions, you shall definitely check out his gallery - you'll find some really well written, soundly timed and easily appealing stories there ... from which it was really hard to choose a favorite to display here! But in the end I just had to go with:

TLOZ: The Darkness Inside Ch. 5    Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule sat at his desk; a single candle burning for a source of light while he worked on a few things. This whole dilemma that happened at the festival just meant more and more paperwork; and not to mention it was an attempt on his daughter's life!
    His attention was pulled away from his work when he heard the door to his study slowly creek open. "I said I was not to be disturbed." He had enough people coming in telling him more stuff about what happened at the festival that he didn't really want to hear anymore of it until he finished his own stuff.
    "Not even by your own brother?" An unseen figure asked. The King of Hyrule practically froze when he heard the voice. A somewhat dim ball of light appeared in the room, and yet was bright enough to illuminate the whole room, as well as the man who held it. His face was hidden from view by a hood which was on a thick black robe.
    The hooded man then took his hand away fr

haha, no surprise, isn't it? nothing like TLoZ, for sure, especially when you always loved the always tragically touched King of Hyrule he captured so well, wrapping him in many questions regarding the mysterious person that appeared beforehand that instantly popped up in my head. huh, huh, huh.


...:'D ...ah... too many good times. everytime we discover that we're some really bad people, we're happy about at least having someone as bad as us~

choosing a favorite piece was really hard, especially because there are wonderful pieces for me among the possibilieties but I still am madly in love with this one:

Mach dich frei by Orangenbluete

;u; the coloring is just... aaah~ and the whole atmosphere is just perfect!


What am I supposed to say that wasn't already said. my lovely, generous and kind-hearted, sometimes really hard to understand because non-stop in elipsis talking pineapple~ ♥

[ Cherry Blossom - Sakura ] by Inconcabille

took this from your gallery as my most favorite because you really came far with your coding and designing skills, making yourself a name on DA without being an artist in a traditional sense - you rock this, though!

Piratennebel probably spent all the points on me you had, huh? :'D beloved Dreckssau, the best Dreckssau I ever met! and I'm very lucky about this, hoping years and years to follow in which I can rely on you and your perverted wit and comforting words.

Dance of the Gerudo by Piratennebel

ASDDFDASDFDAFShowcouldinotchoosethis. best. scene. ever. although she would NEVER do anything like that. of course. ♥♥♥


...:'D extremely patient Tsuranami! Always kind and extremely funny, no matter the situation. if there's a day to be made, then all I have to do is to stop by and hear your wise words of pure hilarity XD

PCM for Orangenbluete - butterfly by Tsuranami

I really do love this piece because it yields some very peaceful charme, even if there's some dark tone dwelling subtly. The colors are very well picked, and the idea of the butterflies emerging from her clothes is just genius.


Easily one of my favorite artists, not only for her great drawings itself but also because her deeply kind nature and funny attitude which make her so easy to approach with the stupidest comments or most thoughtful conversations about anything. Gonna stick to you, no matter what, yush!

Naruto: Happy Birthday Kakuzu by Nokchaki

Of course you already drew many exceptional pieces for me which deserved a place in here without a doubt, but I decided to choose a drawing from your current gallery to underline your progress in such a rougher direction that gives you more ways of expressing who you really are. Let alone how hilarious the scene is. xD


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I appreciate every donation! ♥

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Some minutes ago I finished the last episode of Korra. Gaaah. It's already over :<

I'm really curious how a possible sequel will work out? I guess Nick won't be stopping here since there are so many fans. Will there be comics like for Aang? *sigh*

So, anyway, how did you like the ending? I feel it was a bit short but that's often the case with endings after all. Also I like that there was the emphasis more on other types of love, like between siblings and friends in the end (at least for the main characters :'D)

Two things on the negative site, of coooourse I missed Amon in all others seasons ;n; but I guess some weird "Harhar, I'm not dead!"-kind-of-return would have been too cliché. but I would have forgiven nickelodeon for doing so, definitely :'D

AND WHAT THE FRICK WAS WRONG WITH IROH II.'S VOICE?! Seriously. That guy is a man in his late thirties but they haaad to give him Zuko's voice just for the sake of it being Zuko's voice. What a stupid idea. Gosh. He's a man, give him a man's voice then!

I'm really sad cause there would be so much more to tell about all those characters they introduced. Of course, there was plenty to tell about Aang, Katara, Zuko, Toph and Sokka either, but I felt like they at least doubled the whole circle around the Avatar.

Which division does your main Bleach (Shinigami ;D) OC belong to? (plz comment if not listed) 

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